About Me


Hello! My name is Shar Walker. Well, my full name is SharDavia (shar-day-v-uh), but Shar is easier when I’m introducing myself to new friends. Feel free to call me either.

I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband, Paul Walker (no, not the actor; but he is a filmmaker!). We are pregnant with our first child! Like many, my job occupies a good chunk of my time, so I’m glad I love it! I work full time as the Senior Writer at the North American Mission Board (NAMB).

I am currently pursing a Master of Arts in Christian Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I am a retreat and conference speaker, an author, and a Bible teacher. I have loved getting to travel, speak at difference locations, and witness the work of God in the lives of his people!

I love all things chocolate, movies (huge Marvel fan!), and the TV show, Survivor (I’ve applied to be on the show three times).